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Doubs Department


General Information

Set in the heart of Franche-Comté, the Doubs is surrounded by the departments of Jura, of Haut-Saône and the Belfort Territory. Its border with Switzerland extends over 160 km. The Doubs River, which flows through 300 km of its territory, gave the department its name.
Forest covers 40% of the department, qualifying it to be classified as the "greenest department in France". Its exceptionally beautiful rivers (among the most beautiful in France) can be fished for trout. It offers number of lakes such as St. Point, springs, waterfalls and caves.

The mountainous region of Haut-Doubs is an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking, water sports (on rivers or lakes), snowshoes walks and ski sports. The Doubs is home to both the largest cross-country skiing territory in France with 1,500 Km (1,000 miles) of marked trails and the largest downhill ski area in the Jura mountains.
The Transjurassienne, a Worldloppet race, takes place partially on the Grande Traversée du Jura trails (GTJ). Métabief Mont d'Or is the highest ranking downhill ski resort in the Jura Massif.

Towns, fortifications, churches, castles and museums remind us of the past. Today, creativity and cultural life are richer than ever. Every year, many major events are taking place in Besancon, the capital city, the Music festival and the Young Conductors competition are internationally renowned. The Doubs is the birthplace of the famous writers Victor Hugo, Louis Pergaud, and of the painter Gustave Courbet.

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