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  Haute-Saone Franche-Comte  
Image of Saone river

Haute-Saone Department - Haute-Saone is the perfect image of a rural region between the Jura and the Vosges mountains. The Saone river flows through more than 100 km of its territory and gave the department its name. It is one of the best rivers for boating.

A picturesque village along Saone river

Saone River - 10 km from Vesoul, the Saone river flows quietly along picturesque villages established on its banks, such as Port-sur-Saone, a popular marina. Boating is the best way to discover the valley.

Panoramic view of Fougerolles Cherry Trees

Fougerolles - At the foot of the Vosges mountains, 9 km north of Luxeuil, Fougerolles owes its reputation to cherry growing (more than 40,000 cherry trees) and the cherry liqueur Kirsch made since the end of the 16th century. It is the Kirsch capital of the world.

Photo of an Eaux de Vie store

Fougerolles Kirsch - Maison des Eaux de Vie, a local producer store offering Kirsch for tasting and sale in Fougerolles. The Kirsch made in Fougerolles is famous for the quality of the Guignes cherries used.

Panoramic image of Vesoul city center

Vesoul city center - The city is the prefecture of the Haute-Saone department. It offers plenty of activities with its lake and its sports and recreation park. The major annual events are the International Motocross, and International Film Festival of Asian Cinema.

Panoramic image of Colline de la Motte terrace

Vesoul, Colline de la Motte - This hill overlooks the valley from a height of about 160 meters. On top of the hill, there is a terrace with a statue of the Virgin Mary from which there is a beautiful panoramic view of the Langres plateau and the Jura

Panoramic view of Vesoul-Vaivre lake

Vesoul-Vaivre Lake - 3 km from the city center, the artificial lake of Vesoul-Vaivre is a major sports and recreation center for the region. A sailing club organizes classes and a number of regattas during the summer season.

Image of Luxeuil-les-Bains spa

Luxeuil-les-Bains - This spa town was founded 2000 years ago in the north of Haute-Saone. The same thermal waters from volcanic origin are still famous today for their beneficial effects. They confer highly prized medical benefits and revitalizing power.

Photo of Saint Colomban Abby

Luxeuil Saint Colomban Abbey - The Abbey was rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries on the site of a former abbey founded in 592 by St Colomban. The cloisters were rebuilt in the 15th century.

Panoramic image of Gray city

Gray - The city is built on the banks of the Saone river. It is the last major city in Franche-Comte before the Saone flows into Burgundy. Since the Middle Ages, its port having been the main trading center in Franche-Comte.

Panoramic view of Gray city center

Gray City Center - The city is proud of its architectural heritage. Along the streets of the "old district of Gray", buildings and mansions present an interesting historic charm.

Photo of Chateau Filain

Chateau Filain - 16 km south of Vesoul, this 15th century fortified house and 16th century castle present a typical facade of the Franche-Comte region and has a beautiful Renaissance fireplace.

View of Thousand Ponds Region

Région des mille étangs - Meaning region of thousand ponds, it is located in the north-east of Haute-Saone, part of the southern Vosges mountains, the landscape has been shaped by ancient glaciers. They eroded the countryside leaving hollows that later became lakes of various sizes. A 60 km trail goes from pond to pond revealing a variety of stone, sandstone and granite buildings.

Image of Fondremand village

Fondremand - 28 km south of Vesoul, this village has a medieval atmosphere with its wash-house, a 12th century church, and an imposing 11th and 12th centuries castle-keep overlooking the Roman spring. The annual arts and crafts festival attracts many visitors.

Image of Rasse de Millin

La "rasse" de Miellin (plank sawmill) - 37 km east of Luxeuil-les-Bains, this plank sawmill is an example of the Vosges mountains traditions in Haute-Saone.

Photo of Saute-de l'Orgon waterfall

Saut de l'Ognon Waterfall - a 15 m high waterfall of Ognon river, coming out of a rocky gorge. It is located in Servance, 32 km from Luxeuil.


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