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General Information

Vesoul is the prefecture of the Haute-Saone department. It lies in the valley of the Durgeon (a tributary of the Saone) where the hill "La Motte" dominates the city.
It is the hometown of the painter-sculptor Jean-Léon Gérome (1824-1904).
The city offers plenty of activities with its lake and its sports and recreation park. The major annual event is the international motocross, in June. It is also an industrial city where Peugeot is the dominant company.


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Colline de la Motte

This hill overlooks the valley from a height of about 160 meters. A road twists and turns its way up to a little chapel. Further up the road there is a terrace with a statue of the Virgin Mary from which there is a beautiful panoramic view of the Langres plateau and the Jura mountains. A bronze orientation table reproduces the topography of the valley.

Statue of the Virgin Mary


Georges Garret Museum

This two-story museum was established in 1981 in the former Ursuline convent (17th century). The lower floor houses temporary exhibitions and an archaeological department with an interesting collection of Gallo-Roman funeral steles, jewelry, weapons and pottery. The second floor is devoted to painting and sculpture and includes a large collection of works by Jean-Leon Gerome, a local artist.

Jardin anglais

This English style garden, located in the center of the city, was created in 1862-1863. It was extended and modified in 1885 and 1911. It now contains a rock garden with pond and waterfall, a rose garden with pergola and thematic flower beds.

Old Town

The well-maintained old town in the heart of the city displays its historic charm. It is a fine architectural cluster nest. Some of its houses, such as Hotel Thomassin and Maison Baressols, present particularly lovely and unique facades from the 15th and 17th centuries.

  • Water activities: 3 km from the center of city, the artificial lake of Vesoul-Vaivre is a major sports and recreation center for the region. The sailing club organizes classes and a number of regattas during the summer season.

  • Mountain biking: A 47 km tour, passing through 12 villages of the urban district of Vesoul.

  • Hiking/Biking: The "Chemin vert" (green path) is a 21 km trail following an old train tracks. Another 5 km trail circles the lake of Vesoul-Vaivre.

  • Climbing: several well-equipped sites are located nearby Vesoul

  • Aerial sports: hand gliding, paragliding, parachuting. Flight school and scenic flights are available.

  • Horseback riding


Sabot de Frotey

This huge rock sculpted in the shape of a "clog" stands at the top of a cliff, in a natural reserve with a marked trail. It offers a panoramic view of Vesoul.

Saone Valley

10 km from Vesoul, the Saone river flows quietly along picturesque villages established on its banks, such as Port-sur-Saone, a popular marina. Boating is the best way to discover the valley.

Chateau Filain

16 km south of Vesoul, this 15th century fortified house and 16th century castle present a typical facade of the Franche-Comte region and has a beautiful Renaissance fireplace.

Forges de Baignes

14 km from Vesoul, the forges were built in the 16th century and are considered among the gems of the industrial heritage of Haute-Saone. The superb buildings dating from the 18th century share an architectural style similar to Ledoux's.

"Frais Puits"

"Frais Puits" (cool wells) is one of the longest flooded subterranean networks in Europe. The crater-shaped well siphons waters down into the ground and has miles of underground galleries.

Grotte de Solborde

6 km from Vesoul, the Meline river takes its source in this cave located in a natural park. In 1663 Solborde became an important area for pilgrimage after a very old statue of the Virgin Mary was discovered.


28 km south of Vesoul, this village has a medieval atmosphere with its wash-house, 12th century church and imposing 11th and 12th centuries castle-keep overlooking the Romaine spring. The annual arts and crafts festival attracts many visitors.


26 km east of Vesoul, this village lies at the confluence of the Scey and Ognon rivers. The 19th century castle in the Louis XIII style, remains furnished just as it was 100 years ago. It has a magnificent library and tapestries.

Peugeot Plant Visit

The 280 acre Peugeot plant specializes in the manufacture of automobile parts and components (upholstery, bodywork), storage, packaging, packing and dispatch of spare parts.
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