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General Information

The town lies at the foot of Mont Rivel. It is the entry point to the Jura plateaus region, a short distance from the Jura mountains and Switzerland. This industrial town, rebuilt after a fire at the end of 18th Century is a good departure point for excursions to explore the countryside. Belvederes, springs, wild valleys, lakes, waterfalls, combine and create picturesque sites over a 15 to 25 km area.
The nordic area of Haute-Joux and Mont Noir is more suitable for cross country skiing. Surounding localities provide a lot of activities all year around.


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Bellefrise Park

Located at one end of the main street, its flowerbeds are remarkable. At its center, the music kiosque, from the end of the last century, stands across the futuristic fountain "Espace" and bronze greyhound statues.

Remains of the past

The Church from 1755, the City Hall, the fountain, the clock tower as well as "Avenue de la Republique" are here to testify of the town development in the early 19th Century. They are the only remains of the past of the town, saved from the fire.

Museum of Archaeology

The Gallo-Roman collections reveal the life of the pilgrims who came to the Mont-Rivel sanctuary. The rich Merovingian furniture found in cemeteries of nearby villages evokes the social life of the "last barbarians" and the development of Christianity in this region.

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Route des Sapins (Evergreen forest drive)

North of Champagnole, it is a 50 km (31 miles) stretch of road through the forest of "La Joux", one of the France most beautiful evergreen forests, with some exceptional conifers, like the two-centuries old "President", 45 m (148 feet) tall.


This medieval town lies in a picturesque setting, on top of a hill overlooking a vast pasture-covered plateau. It still has some concrete traces of its past such as a 15th Century gateway and the vestiges of some ramparts. Every summer, the town hosts a medieval festival with an amazing parade.

Village of Syam

Visit of the ironworks "Les forges de Syam" with exhibition and film on the history of this exceptional countryside industrial site and on the techniques used to process steel.
The "Chateau de Syam" built in 1818, is a square building with a central rotunda and an early 19th Century decor and furnishings.


A signposted 29 km trail following the former electric tram that ran between Champagnole and Foncine le Haut. The trail is only accessible for hiking, biking or horseback riding.

Natural sites

  • Region des lacs (Lakes Region) It designates the area between Champagnole, Clairvaux-les-Lacs and Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux, where there are some delightful lakes, such as Chalain, Narlay, Bonlieu...and many more. The Route of Lakes, a 150 km (94 miles) long road, connects them as well as the principal points of interest of this area.

  • Source of Ain River from where the river flows down a narrow valley with steep wooded sides.

  • Pertes de l'Ain where the river vanishes into a deep rift and disappears from view for a short distance.

  • Waterfalls around Champagnole: Billaude, Hérisson and Langouette.

  • Caves around Champagnole: Moidons, Les Planches and Baume-les-Messieurs

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