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  Les Rousses 4-Vlliages Resorts  
Image of Les-Rousses center

Les Rousses - It is in the heart of Haut Jura Natural Regional Park, 4 villages of Les-Rousses, Premanon, Lamoura and Bois d'Amont, together known as "4-Village resorts of Les Rousses" offer all the conveniences of a large winter and summer resort.

Panoramic image of Les-Rousses village

4-village resorts - Les Rousses, a dynamic town of about 3,000 inhabitants which gave its name to the resort. The town is overlooking a beautiful lake which provides many watersports activities and becomes a natural ice rink in Winter.

Image of cottages in Les-Rousses

Les Rousses - Area is spotted with many chalets (cottages) in beautiful setting of nature. Although some of the larger chalets are occupied by local residents, but many of them are avilable for rental during holidays and summer and winter vacations.

Photo of Bois d'Amont

Bois d'Amont - Only 6 miles from Les Rousses and next to the border of Switzerland. It is the home of the ski champion Leo Lacroix. Woodworking, specially cheese-box making, is the traditional activity.

Panoramic view of Lamura

Lamoura - It is the most picturesque village of the resorts with its typical architecture, its agricultural and traditional occupations. Its little lake surrounded by a trail, is frozen in winter, which becomes a natural ice-skating rink. It is the starting point of the internationally known, Transjurassienne long distance ski race.

Lamura, Transjurassienne ski track

Lamoura - Rated as the second best long-distance ski race in the world, after the Swedish Vasaloppet race (90 km), Transjurassinne race starts at frozen lake of Lamura and ends in the village of Mouthe in Doubs department, crossing along the way 10 villages in Jura mountains.

Image of Les-Rousses Fort

Fort des Rousses - Previously a military fort (the second largest in France), later successfully converted into one of the most extensive Comte cheese aging caves. Discovery of the old and more modern technics of cheese making.

Commando games in in Fort Les-Rousses

Fort des Rousses - Fort Adventure, located around the fort, provides 3 activity sites, from age 8 to adult, offering tree climbing, hiking the fort ramparts and others exciting and thrilling (challenging) physical challenges (activities).

Photo of grass ski jumping station

Ski Jumps - Les Rousses resort has 3 ski jumps of different heights. They are available in winter for snow ski jumping and in summer for grass ski jumping.

Panoramic image of Les-Rousses lake

Les Rousses lake - Overlooked by Les Rousses resort, the lake is located at the footsteps of the Risoux forest at the altitude of 1,058 meters. Its depth is about 20 meters. It is frozen most part of the winter and offers a natural ice-skating rink. Summer is just as attractive a season as winter, where swimming, windsurfing and fishing can be enjoyed on the lake.

Image of boats on Les-Rousses lake

Les Rousses - The lake in summer time is very popular vith visitors, where swimming, windsurfing and fishing are common activities. Pedal boat and small non-motorized boat rentals are available.

Panoramic view of La Dole

La Dole - At the top of the mountain, a large white sphere (Geneva airport radar) dominates the beautiful lake of Geneva. From that view point, hikers enjoy a magnificent panorama of the Alps and Jura mountains. Here, chamois roam and can be frequently observed in their natural habitat.

4-village ski stations - Villages of Les-Rousses, Premanon, Lamoura and Bois-d'Amont, together with smaller villages such as Bellefontaine, Morbier and Longchaumois, form this beautiful and popular resort area. Thanks to outstanding snowfall all winter long, these resorts offer first-rate skiing.


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