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General Information

In the heart of Haut Jura Natural Regional Park, 4 villages of "Les Rousses", "Prémanon", "Lamoura" and "Bois d'Amont" together known as "4-Village resorts of Les Rousses" offer all the conveniences of a large winter and summer resort.
Sharing a border with Switzerland, in winter this area offers first-rate skiing resorts. It provides 40 ski lifts and more than 40 km (26 miles) of marked trails for downhill skiers of all ability levels on the Franco-Swiss slopes of 4 mountains of Noirmont, La Serra, Les Tuffes and La Dôle. The latter, culminating at 1,680 m, is part of Switzerland. Les Rousses is the paradise for cross-country enthusiasts with some 220 km (137 miles) of marked trails of all levels through hills and forests in a beautiful pristine nature. Cross-country and downhill skiing are easily combined here.
Outside the ski season, Les Rousses Resorts offer also a great variety of activities. The ski trails are used by mountain bikers and hikers.


4-Village Ski Resorts

Les Rousses

A dynamic town of about 3,000 inhabitants which gave its name to the resort. The town is overlooking a beautiful lake which provides many watersports activities and becomes a natural ice rink in Winter.


It is the most picturesque village of the resorts with its typical architecture, its agricultural and traditional occupations. Its little lake surrounded by a trail, is frozen in winter and becomes a natural ice-skating rink. It is the starting point of the Transjurassienne ski race.

Bois d'Amont

Only 6 miles from Les Rousses and next to the border of Switzerland. It is the home of the ski champion Léo Lacroix. Woodworking, specially cheese-box making, is the traditional activity.


Four miles from Les Rousses, this charming little village is the site of the National Nordic Ski Center (Cross-country Skiing and Jumping School), a reputed training center for ski instructors.

Winter Activities:

Other Activities:
  • Golf, Horseback riding, Paragliding, Swimming pool, Mountain biking, Hiking

  • "Fort Adventure", located around the fort, provides 3 activities sites, from age 8 to adult, offering tree climbing, hiking the fort ramparts and others exciting and thrilling (challenging) physical challenges (activities)

  • Visit of the resort by horse-drawn carriage or sled

  • Movie Theater, Bowling, Night club, Excursions, Library

  • Fitness Center with tennis, squash, body building, different classes...



Centre Paul-Emile Victor

Located in Prémanon, it is Europe's first museum dedicated to polar exploration as Paul-Emile Victor wanted in his native region of the Jura.

Musée de la Boissellerie
(Wood Crafts Museum)

Located in Bois d'Amont, on the banks of the Orbe river, in a restored sawmill run by a water turbine, the museum exhibits displays showing how tools, machines, techniques invented by craftsmen from the Haut Jura region developed to make cheese boxes, medicine cabinets, clock cases and skis, all from a single local natural treasure: spruce.

Musée du ski et traditions locales

Ski and local customs museum located in the "Grand Tetras Visitors Center". This museum presents an interesting collection of skis from the past to the present days, including the new surfing boards built in Les Rousses.

Fort des Rousses

Previously a military fort (the second largest in France), later successfully converted into one of the most extensive comte cheese aging caves. Discovery of the old and more modern technics of cheese making.

Maison du Lapidaire

The Lapidary Museum located in Lamoura, displays the techniques, traditions and craftsmanship of gems and precious stones cutting, a traditional Haut Jura activity. Exhibit, collection, demonstration and video.

La Dole

At the top of the mountain, a large white sphere (Geneva airport radar) dominates the beautiful lake of Geneva. From that view point, hikers enjoy a magnificent panorama of the Alps and Jura mountains. Here, chamois roam and can be frequently observed in their natural habitat.

Natural Sites

Its geographical location is a good starting point to discover not only the department of Jura's natural beauty, its waterfalls, lakes, caves and vineyards but also picturesque towns in France or in Switzerland since Geneva is only 45 km (28 miles) away.
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