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Franche-Comte Waterfalls


Guide to natural sites in France
Jura Waterfall Jura waterfall map

Rushing water is one of the characteristics of the Jura department. Its relief imposes a particular course to the rivers, which almost every one has gorges, drops or waterfalls. In spring, when snow is melting, rivers and waterfalls offer all the magnificence.

Herisson Waterfalls



Le Saut Girard
Herisson waterfall
Le Grand Saut
They are located near the village of Doucier in the heart of the "Region des Lacs" (Region of lakes). Source of the Herisson river is in the lake of Bonlieu altitude of 805 m (2641 ft). It drops down to the Doucier plateau covering 280 m (920 ft) of altitude difference in only 3 km (2 miles) by cutting through narrow gorges and forming spectacular waterfalls of:

  • The "Eventail" (name eventail derives from its fan shape), a 65 m (213 ft) rop in leaps and bounds, forming a pyramid of foaming water.

  • The "Grand Saut" water falls from a height of 60 m (200 ft) in a single waterfall.

  • The "Saut du Moulin" and "Saut Girard".

The sites are easy to access and the trails along the Herisson river are well maintained.

La source du Doubs

Near the village of Mouthe, the Doubs river spring gurgles forth from a cave at the foot of a steep slope in the forest of Noirmont, at an altitude of 937 meters. It starts its course in a landscape of meadows and fir trees, before making numerous twists and turns.

Les Tufs

Located in the blind valley of Baume les Messieurs, near the entrance of the caves, the water of the river Dard falls, specially in raining period.

Le Saut du Doubs

It has been listed as the first natural site of Franche-Comte. Boat excursions on the Doubs river leave from the small town of Villers-le-Lac, and take the passengers across the majestic setting of wooded cliffs to the Saut du Doubs. From there, a path leads to the two viewpoints overlooking the waterfall from a height of 27 m (88.5 feet).

Haut-Jura Waterfalls

Rushing water is one of the characteristics of Haut-Jura. In spring, when snow is melting, waterfalls offer all their magnificence. Near the town of Champagnole, the Lemme River drops 28 m in 2 successive leaps to form La Billaude waterfall.

Queue de Cheval waterfall

From the village of Chaumont, 4 km from St-Claude, a marked trail reaches the "Queue de cheval" waterfall, meaning "Horse Tail". The rushing water drops 60 m in two leaps set in a very pleasant setting.

Main branch of Flumen waterfall

Near the city of Champagnole the river Lemme drops a total of 28 m (92 ft) in 2 successive waterfalls, tumbling from a narrow crevice in a wooded setting between towering rock faces.

La Billaude Waterfall


The hike starts next to the camping site of St-Claude, 2 km from the city. The trail leads to the waterfalls of the Flumen River, emerging in the middle of a cliff, a very impressive sight in raining period.

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