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Right Bank Appellations
  Right Bank Bordeaux Wines  
Bordeaux wine notes, St-Emilion appellation


Grown on clay-limestone and gravel soil, Merlot accounts for over 60 percent of the St-Emilion vineyards grape varieties, alongside the Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet-Franc. They yield round and full-bodied wines that are more fruit driven and less tannic than wines of the Médoc and Graves in Bordeaux's left bank appellations.
There are two appellations within one geographical region: St. Emilion and St. Emilion Grand Cru. For the latter, a further classification exists in which the best wines are classified as Premier Grand Cru Classé (First Great Growth), followed by Grand Cru Classé.

Tips: These refined reds, with loads of finesse, are enhanced when served with beef, chicken, pork or duck.
Bordeaux wine notes, Pomerol appellation


The smallest district of Bordeaux, Pomerol produces some of the world's most exhilarating and expensive wines. They range from elegant to highly concentrated, medium to full-bodied in style, with red and dark fruit flavors dominated by the fine tannic structure and plumy, lush character of the Merlot grape.
AOC Pomerol is the only major wine district in Bordeaux to have no official classification system, yet these wines are in high demand. Their prices are strictly based on reputation and quality. It is here that all the top châteaux, including Pétrus, Lafleur, and Le Pin can be found.

Tips: These wines are best enjoyed with tender, milder cuts of beef, such as tenderloin, lamb, chicken, pork or mushroom dishes.
Macon and Cote Chalonnaise Whites


The Lalande-de-Pomerol commune lies just the north of more prestigious Pomerol. The appellation produces only red wines, predominantly from Merlot, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and may also contain Cabernet Franc. It offers a slightly lighter style than Pomerol, with the same rich, elegant and plumy character of its neighbor, at a fraction of the price.

Tips: These wines are best enjoyed with tender, milder cuts of beef, such as tenderloin, lamb, chicken, pork, or mushroom dishes.
Bordeaux wine notes, Dordogne river

Fronsac / Canon-Fronsac

These appellations are centered around the town of Fronsac in an area of woodlands and hills along the Dordogne and l'Isle rivers north west of Saint Emilion. They produce only red wine. Like the rest of Bordeaux's right bank appellations, wines produced in these appellations are Merlot-based with some Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Fronsac wines are full-bodied, full flavored with a firm tannic structure. They have wonderful consistency, with the notes of red berries, peppers and spices.
Canon-Fronsac is a small appellation within Fronsac. It occupies higher and steeper hillside terrain, and produces full-bodied and more complex wines. They have a deep dark ruby color, concentrated nose, with notes of raspberry, strawberry and red currents.

Tips: These wines are best enjoyed with grilled or roasted beef, pork, lamb, poultry and game dishes, rabbit in mustard sauce and firm cheeses.
Bordeaux wine notes, Merlot grape variety

Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur

These are Bordeaux's primary appellations, covering the entire wine producing region of Bordeaux. They are made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes blended with Merlot. They may also contain some Cabernet Franc and small amounts Petit Verdot. Most of these wines are drinkable upon release and present exceptional value. White Bordeaux Supérieur wines present a slight sweetness.
Bordeaux AOC wines are fruity, balanced, not too robust and ready on release. Depending on the blend, they may express spicy, red berries and blackcurrant aromas.
Bordeaux Supérieur AOC wines are produced from selected vineyard and older vines with lower grape yields, thus resulting in more powerful, concentrated, complex wines, and have structured tannins with better ageing potential than Bordeaux AOC.

Tips: These reds are good introductory wines to the great Bordeaux wines and are adaptable to wide range of dishes. In particular they go well with grilled meat, roast beef, firm cheeses and meat with mushroom or mustard sauces.
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