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  Haut-Doubs In Photos  
Panoramic image of Haut-doubs

Haut Doubs - Sharing a border with Switzerland, Haut-Doubs is a mountainous region with an altitude exceeding 800 meters. The climate is harsh, and the winters are long. In winter, skiers discover a nordic ski paradise and the beauty of its preserved wilderness. Summer is just as attractive a season as winter, thanks to the many lakes and rivers. The region offers a variety of products: cheeses, alcohol, cooked pork meats (delicatessen) and famous Morteau smoked sausage.

Image of city of Pontarlier

Pontarlier - At the foot of the Jura mountains, near Switzerland, Pontarlier is the capital of the Haut Doubs region. It is officially recognized as the most dynamic city of the area and offers many important cultural and sporting events. Various winter activities are available in nearby ski resort... ski station info

Panoramic photo of  Chateau de Joux

Chateau de Joux - Located 5 km south of Pontarlier, this castle guards the entrance from Switzerland. It sits atop Mont Larmont, at an altitude of 940 meters, overlooking a "cluse" (transverse valley) that cuts through the mountain. Once a state prison, the castle now houses France's most impressive arms museum. Every summer, the castle hosts an open air festival called "Festival des Nuits de Joux" (Festival of Joux Nights).

Panoramic image of Saint Piont lake

Saint-Point and Remoray lakes - The valley connects 12 villages located along the lakes and forests. Malbuisson is a peaceful lakeside resort in a valley enclosed at both end by mountains. It is a favorite site for amateur or experienced fishermen and an ideal spot to get familiarized with a water sport such as sailing or windsurfing. Numerous festivals and outdoor activities are offered.

Image of Doubs river

Doubs river - The Doubs river is known as one of the lovelies French rivers. A great variety and abundance of fish makes it a fisherman's paradise. Its rushing waters also attract canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts.

Image of Villers-le-Lac

Saut du Doubs - Spectacular waterfall of the Doubs river, 27 m high, classified as the first natural site in Franche-Comte. From the village of Villers-le-Lac, excursion boats follow the river's meanders through picturesque gorges.

View of hikers in Haut-Doubs

Hiking and Mountain Biking - In summer, bikers and hikers use the ski trails of the "Grande Traversee du Jura", a 400 km network of relatively easy trails that crosses the entire Jura Mountain. It covers 220 km in the Doubs department. Metabief is world famous for its mountain biking trails. Its year-around downhill trail, hosts regularly some important championships. Nature discovery trails in Chapelle-des-Bois, Les Fourgs, Lake St-Point and Mouthe.

Image of a Thue Framhause

"Thue" Farmhouses - These farmhouses owe their original character to their huge stone and wood chimney, known as "tuye", in which salted meats are dried and smoked. Some of them are open to the public, like in La Cluse-et-Mijoux, Gilley and Maison-du-Bois-Lievremont.

Image of Morteau village

Morteau - A village at the crossroads of Besancon, Pontarlier and Switzerland (10 km away), Morteau is located in a large valley along the Doubs river. Morteau is mainly known for its clock-making industry but it is also famous for its smoked sausage called "Saucisse de Morteau" and the chocolate manufacturer, Klaus. In the winter, Val Morteau offers trails and slopes for cross-country and downhill skiing... ski station info

Image of Montbenoit

Montbenoit - Capital of the tiny Saugeais Republic, a folkloric republic declared in 1947, which includes 11 villages in a valley alongside the Doubs river. The village of Montbenoit is dominated by its abbey, which dates back to the 11th Century. The vast cloisters were added in the 15th Century. The carved wooden choir stalls are remarkable... ski station info

Image of a grazing cow

Les Fourgs - This village, at an altitude of 1,150 meters, is the highest in the Doubs department. In the summer, it is the best place for hiking, mountain biking and discovering the various fauna and flora. The "sentier des bornes" is a network of trails, located astride the border with Switzerland. In the winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are a delight... ski station info

Image of Metabief ski station

Metabief Mont d'Or - A resort made up of 6 villages at the foot of Mont d'Or, reaching its highest point at 1,463 meters. In both summer and winter, the mountain brings life to these villages, offering everyone opportunities to enjoy numerous sports and activities. It annually hosts the French mountain bike championship on its special trail and is recognized as a national mountain bike site... ski station info

Panoramic image of Alps from Mont d'Or

Mont d'Or Summit - Mont d'Or summit offers a scenic view of its alpine meadows on one side, and of an impressive 200 m high and 1 km long cliff on the other side. It attracts hikers for the beautiful panorama extending to the Alps and Jura mountain ranges.

Image of Mouthe and Chapelle-des-Bois ski station

Val de Mouthe/Chapelle-des-Bois - A mixed landscape of meadows and fir trees, ranging from 920 m to 1,420 m in altitude, and part of the Haut-Jura natural regional park. The Doubs river rises near Mouthe, one of the 13 villages forming the Val de Mouthe. In winter, it is one of the most important cross-country skiing domains of Europe with 150 km of marked trails. Mouthe is the arrival place of the famous Transjurassienne ski race... ski station info


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