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Panoramic photo - Beautiful villages of Loue Valley

  • Ouhans, Vallée de la LoueOuhans
    Village near the river source

    Ouhans - Loue Valley

    A village surrounded by pastures and forests, near the source of Loue river, panoramic photo
  • Mouthier Haute Pierre, Vallée de la LoueMouthier-Haute-Pierre
    Franche-Comte Characteristic Town


    A charming village, set in an amphitheater of large natural rocks, It is labeled as "Petite Cité Comtoise de Caractère" (Franche-Comte Characteristic Town).
  • Lods, Vallée de la LoueLods
    "Most Beautiful Village of France"

    Lods - Franche-Comte Characteristic Town

    A village labeled as "Petite Cité Comtoise de Caractère" and "Plus Beau Village de France" (Most Beautiful Village of France) with panoramic image.
  • Vuillafans-Chateauvieux, Vallée de la LoueVuillafans-Chateauvieux
    Franche-Comte Characteristic Town


    An old village labeled as Franche-Comte's "Petite Cité Comtoise de Caractère" overlooked by the remains of two feudal fortresses plus panoramic image.
  • Montgesoye, Vallée de la LoueMontgesoye
    A good place for fishing

    Montgesoye - Loue Valley

    Easily accessible location of the Loue river, information and panoramic image.
  • Ornans, Vallée de la LoueOrnans
    Little Venice of Franche-Comte

    Ornan - Loue Valley

    Capital of the Loue valley, known as little Venice of Franche-Comte, panoramic image
  • Scey-en-Varay, Vallée de la LoueScey-en-Varay
    Miroir de Scey

    Scey-en-Varay - Val de Loue

    A village dominated by the remains of the Scey feudal castle, panoramic image
  • Cléron, Vallée de la LoueCléron
    A 14th Century feudal castle

    Cléron - Loue Valley

    A village situated alongside the Loue river with a feudal castle from the 14th Century

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