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Franche-Comte Cities by image
  Major Cities and Towns  
Panoramic view of Besancon

Besancon - It is prefecture of the Doubs department and capital of Franche-Comte. The old section and also the center of city is encircled by the Doubs river and set in exceptionally beautiful surroundings, Besancon is a city of art and history. It has a rich cultural life and has always been a music loving city.

City of Belfort

Belfort - The city is divided by the Savoureuse river into 2 distinct parts: on the river's west bank there are extensive industrial and commercial areas and housing estates; on the east bank, lies the old town dominated by the fortified castle and citadel and the famous "Lion", symbol of Belfort.

View of city of Lons-le-Saunier

Lons le Saunier - An old Roman salt city, now prefecture of the Jura. Lons le Saunier is a spa city where visitors can sample the therapeutic effects of the salt water. In the heart of the Jura vineyards, Lons le Saunier is a picturesque and historic city.

Panoramic view of Saint-Claude

Saint Claude - The capital of smoking-pipe making and diamond cutting, is located in the heart of the Haut-Jura Natural Park, where the Bienne and Tacon rivers meet. Saint Claude is the ideal environment for summer as well as winter activities.

View of Les-Rousses center

Les Rousses - It is in the heart of Haut Jura Natural Regional Park, 4 villages of Les Rousses, Premanon, Lamoura and Bois d'Amont, together known as "4-Village resorts of Les Rousses" offer all the conveniences of a large winter and summer resort.

Panoramic view of Arbois

Arbois - Surrounded by vineyards, it is the wine capital of the Jura. Arbois, is a town which dates back to more than seven centuries. Its church towers, chateaux and old houses form an harmonious ensemble of brown roofs and ochre walls.

Panoramic view of Champagnole

Champagnole - The city lies at the foot of Mont Rivel. It is the entry point to the Jura plateaus region, a short distance from the Jura mountains and Switzerland. This is a good departure point for excursions to explore the countryside. Belvederes, springs, wild valleys, lakes, waterfalls, combine and create picturesque sites over a 15 to 25 km area.

View of Dole city center

Dole - Art and historical city in Jura, built on the banks of the Doubs river, with a medieval town center around the Church and its imposing bell tower. Dole is the birthplace of the famous bacteriologist, Louis Pasteur born in 1822.

Panoramic view of Vesoul

Vesoul - The view is from the hill overlooking the valley. The city is the prefecture of the Haute-Saone department. It offers plenty of activities with its lake and its sports and recreation park. The major annual events are the International Motocross, and International Film Festival of Asian Cinema.

City of Luxeuil

Luxeuil les Bains - It is a spa town founded 2000 years ago in the north of Haute-Saone. The same thermal waters from volcanic origin are still famous today for their beneficial effects. They confer highly prized medical benefits and revitalizing power.

Panaromic view of city of Gray

Gray - A city in Haute-Saone, it is built on the banks of the Saone river. It is the last major city in Franche-Comte before the Saone flows into Burgundy. Since the Middle Ages, its port having been the main trading center in Franche-Comte.

Panoramic image of Pontarlier

Pontarlier - It is located in Doubs near the Swiss border, at the foot of Jura mountains and is known to be the second highest town in France. Its numerous activities and year-round sports also make it the Haut-Doubs region's economic and touristic capital. The town keeps the distillery tradition alive by producing the "Anis of Pontarlier" an an aperitif drink, based on green anis seeds.


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